Welcome! Here are some of the radios that we have bought and repaired.

1934 Delco 32 Volt Farm Radio

Panasonic Search Tune RE-787 with Remote Speaker

Home Brew 3-Tube 5-Meter Transmitter-Receiver

Hewlett Packard 200 I Audio Frequency Generator

Hammarlund Novice Transmitter

General Radio Frequency Meter

Hickok 46 Test Set

Early Electronic Calculator

Scott 800 All Wave Receiver with Turntable.

National HRO 5TA1 with "A" coil Set for 14-30 MHz

Pioneer RT-707 Rack Mount Professional Tape Deck

Channel Master Swing Along Transistor Radio and 45 RPM Phonograph

N.O.S. President Electronics 40-Channel Zachary T. CB Radio

1938 RCA Victor 3-Band Table Radio

21/2 Meter band Abbott VHF Transmitter-Receiver

General Radio GR Decade Resistance Box No 602L

Signal Corps Relay Test Set I-181B

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