1946 Hewlett Packard Audio Signal Generator

Model 200 I

The First H-P Commercial Product

This is the first commercially successful product from the fledgling Hewlett-Packard company and were built in various incarnations for oveer 30 years.. These were bought in quantity by the Walt Disney company to adjust the sound systems in motion picture theaters for the Disney production of Fantasia.

From a Hewlett-Packard website:

Better Accuracy: The front cover title of catalog No 18A dated 1945 is "LABORATORY INSTRUMENTS for Speed and Accuracy. Accuracy was already the main guideline for new product development at HP. Here is a picture of the 200i tuning dial as shown on page 7 of the 1945 catalog with the following comment: "Main tuning dial of the 200i, which is an oscillator of the band-spead type, intended for comparison work. The dial is calibrated over approximately 300° with effective scale length about 90" and range of 6 cps to 6 Kc. Each Model 200i is carefully hand calibrated to insure maximum accuracy."

The HP 200i tuning dial as shown in the 1945 catalog No 18A.

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