Vintage Eldorado Electrodata Model 8K Desk Top Electronic Calculator

The serial number on the box doesn't match the calculator's number but the foam padding fits perfectly. this is an old, used and very early in the game electronic calculator. It was made by Eldorado Electrodata, Inc. in Concord, California. Just look at the size of the three pin power cord! 9-place amber nixie tube display with the ninth character reserved for entry overflow (E), results overflow (o), entry and result overflow (6) and negative number (-). This is a four function calculator with 2 or 4 place fixed decimal point or floating (F) point operation. Memory constant (K) calculations. It's all explained in the owner's manual. The guarantee card also comes with this blast from the past.

Everything works fine for display and show and tell use but you'll need to clean the contacts if you want to use this Eldorado 8K for serious work.

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