1934 Delco Farm Radio for 32V Generator Systems

This is a 1934 Art Deco console radio model 3202 (32 vdc 2nd model) There is a model  3201 which is the same chassis installed in a tabletop cabinet. This is a very quite running 32 Volt DC radio because it is designed without a noisy vibrator high voltage power supply. The 3202 uses a pair of type 48 output tubes designed to use 32 VDC on the plates. This console is otherwise a standard superheterodyne circuit. This radio should preform well for you as it is a very quiet radio design with good signal to noise (s/n) ratio. The Delco 3202 uses the latest tubes for 1934. Made by United Motor Service, Inc. -Delco. The design problem with ALL 32vdc appliances is they use the same 2 pin power cord/plug as a 120vac appliance.

32vdc is a standard system in pre-REA farms and railroad cars.

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