1982 Yamaha XJ650J Maxim Motorcycle


Here is my 1982 Yamaha XJ 650 Maxim motorcycle. It has almost 16,000 miles on it now, up from the 11K it had when I bought it from the original owner. It really runs great. I put that 5K miles on it during a six week period spanning September and the first couple of weeks of October 2007 traveling to the Adirondacks in upstate New York to do some tent camping, about 200 miles each way. New battery last year. Fresh oil and filter when I bought it last year. Fresh oil and filter (again this spring) for this year. Ready to ride for the rest of the season, just turn the key and push the button.

My new ride is an '86 Honda Magna that rides more like my late departed '79 XS 750 SE Special that was my ride for 18 years. The Maxim is a little too sporty for the medium distance (150-200 miles) riding I do.

This is a nice clean original motorcycle. I think this is the best way to acquire a motorcycle this old. It's riding season and you really don't want to spend your time looking for parts or trying ti diagnose mechanical ailments. You want to get out and ride. You're looking at an unrestored motorcycle that hasn't had any major repairs done to it and doesn't need any work. The original owner kept it in a ground level heated basement. He told me that he never rode it in the rain and when he rode it to work he used a cover to protect it from the sun. I believe him and I've known the man for several years now. When I bought this XJ650 in June 2007 I installed a fresh battery and filled the tank with fuel. The carburetors didn't need any work, and the bike fired up fine the very first time and each and every time since then. I changed the oil then and again this spring using a new oil filter each time. The engine pulls smoothly from idle and the bike easily exceeds the speed limit and more. I think the top speed is around 125 mph but I can't confirm that figure. The speedometer only goes to 85. If you're looking for something economical gentle acceleration and obeying the speed limits will give you 50 miles per gallon. Exuberant riding will bring that figure into the 40s.

You're looking at original paint and chrome. There's a small dent in the gas tank (see the picture). The seat is perfect. There's a luggage rack and a sissy bar. The KN luggage rack has rubber coated horizontal bars. This fine running bike has trouble free solid state ignition, a powerful hydraulic front disk brake, good easy electric start and five-speed transmission. The factory exhaust is still in excellent condition and yields a pleasant growl when you accelerate. You'll easily cruise with traffic on the interstate yet this bike is light enough to wind through holes city traffic.

Click Here to e-mail me. Telephone (603) 644-0389 but I don't have an answering machine. The bike is parked out of the weather in Concord, NH.

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This is the dent in the fuel tank.

The seat is just about perfect and the vinyl is soft and supple.

This is a hard to find accessory. It's a KN luggage rack and sissy bar.

Located below the side cover is the Yamaha's built in "bicycle chain." There is a small compartment full of chain and a pin to lock the chain onto. I wonder how many of these bikes still have this accessory?

The exhaust system looks and sounds great!

Another difficult to find accessory is this crash bar. It provides needed protection to the engine case if the bike falls over.