Clean, Original Suzuki GS750 Sport Bike

This is a very nice Suzuki sport bike ridden only 27,161 miles since new that will be a great addition to your collection. This is the first series GS750 with the 8-Valve (two per cylinder) head and the VM (mechanical venturi) carburetors. Stopping power is provided by hydraulic single disk disk brakes front and rear. Electric starter spinds the engine easily and a kick starter on the side for when you run the battery low. Ignition is with breaker points and condensers so there is no computer to fail on you. The transmission is five speeds with fifth being overdrive. There is a red LED Man display to show you which gear you're currently using. Both tires are on wire wheels and have good deep tread and no weather checking.

Up until this model Suzuki made 2-cycle or 2-stroke motorcycle engines but with the coming environmental emission restrictions 4-cycle engines became the way to go and the engineers at Suzuki did a great job with this one. The mechanical venturi carburetors are a holdover from the past and they allow you to gag the engine trying to accelerate too briskly for the gear and engine speed combination you've chosen. But in the hands of a skilled rider they also allowed you to accelerate faster than a rider on a constant velocity carburetor equipped bike. In 1978 that is! Early CV carbs use a heavy precision turned piston in a machined air-tight bore that rises and falls with air flow keeping the velocity of the air moving past the fuel jets constant. Homever the sheer mass of the pistons meant that when you opened the throttle you waited for acceleration while the CV pistons rose. The mechanical venturi pistons can be yanked to any position you choose with the throttle -- instantly. This provides the skilled rider with an acceleration advantage. All this became academic with the introduction of lighter pistons sealed with thin flexible diaphragms that provide instant reaction to changes in throttle position without the risk of gagging the engine at low speeds.

The chain and sprockets are in good condition. The transmission is tight and shifts easily and quickly. The brakes are powerful and dissipate speed easily and under full control.

This bike is being sold F.O.B Pembroke, NH.

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The oil pressure light is on with the engine not running. The LED numeral 2 indicates second gear is selected.

Chain drive and the drive chain and sprockets are in good condition.

Front hydraulic disk brake.

Mechanical Venturi carburetors..

Good, deep tread and crack-free rubber on the front.

Good, deep tread and crack-free rubber on the rear.