Clean Working Original Condition UnRestored

Wurlitzer 2150

Too Nice to Restore

We've had this fine machine for a good number of years now and have never thought of restoring it and it's never failed to play. The decals on the outside of the glass are the original decals. The entire machine has the patina that only age and gentle careful use can bring. The amplifier was re-built (by us) and provides that solid jukebox bass. The mechanism asks only that it be cleaned and oiled annually.

If you collect 45 rpm records this is a great way to share your tunes with your friends. They get to choose and play the songs they want and your records are safe from careless handling.

This is a 200 selection machine. The mechanism holds 100 7-inch 45 rpm records. However the mechanism is so robust that you can insert two records in each slot to Siamese the "B" sides together giving you 200 "A" sides to listen to. People not in the jukebox industry may not have noticed that one-half of the songs in a traditional jukebox are the songs no one ever listens to. The record companies almost always put a song that wouldn't sell on the back of the song you really wanted to hear giving rise to "A" and "B" sides and the "B" side, well, most of those songs aren't memorable.

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