1952 Seeburg 100C


This Seeburg 100C is a nice clean older restoration. We've gone through it electrically and mechanically so everything works the way that it should.
The Seeburg mechanism is robust and very trouble free. We've cleaned and adjusted all of the contacts, cleaned and lubricated the mechanism so it works just like new.
This is an original Seeburg cartridge with good needles. The silk screening on the dome glass is still in excellent shape but the mirrors on the back of the cabinet could be replaced with new ones.
Here is the keyboard for making your selections. Note that the numbers and letters on the title boards have been replaced with new ones, also the instruction glasses have been replaced.
This 100 selection Seeburg is a good older restoration. It was lovingly brought to this condition before the animation mechanism in the pilasters was available in reproduction. For an additional fee we can obtain and install the correct color cylinders or you can enjoy this fine old machine as it is right now.

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