1946 Seeburg 146S Symphonola

Holds Twenty 78 RPM Records

Wireless Wallbox Receiver Built-In

This is really a cool jukebox. The faux wood grain on the cabinet is in excellent condition. The speaker is in good shape and we've repaired the amplifier so the sound is right where you want it.

While it sits in your game room, you can leave it idling, ready to light up and play when you insert a coin. Or you can turn it off completely to save electricity. this Seeburg still has its coin mechanism so you need to some up with some silver dimes, This machine rejects the modern silver clad copper dimes for slugs.

As the seeburg looked on our shop floor.

We've added some color animation to the dome.

This is the record mechanism. There are twenty trays, one for each record. When you make a selection, the tray containing the record slides horizontally into position and the platter rises from underneath carrying the record up to the needle.

Here's the amplifier and selector in the base of the cabinet.

And as it looks today.

The trim on this side has disappeared.

The driveshaft is missing.

The new plastics are for this side. The die-cast rim is still in place.