Jukeboxes Restored or Awaiting Restoration here in our shop.

Jukeboxes made before the computer revolution are complex electromechanical devices. As such they require the utmost care and attention to detail in their repair and restoration. The staff at Art's Attic has a long-standing love affair with the technology of the past and can provide your Jukebox with the care and attention it deserves.

Here is a short list of Jukeboxes currently in house.

1957 Wurlitzer. This 200 play machine is an incredibly clean machine! We have kept this Wurlitzer 2150 in original condition because we think that this machine is just too nice to restore. Even the decals on the outside of the glass are in good condition!
Wurlitzer 2150
The original Seeburg 100C with that classic 50s styling! Rugged and reliable this machine is a great way to enjoy fifty of your vintage 45s without worrying about your record collection becoming damaged.
Seeburg 100C
1946 Seeburg model 146. What can we say, since we also have a Model 147 for our personal use. We think this is a great machine for sharing those classic sounds from vintage 78 rpm disks! This model is sometimes referred to by collectors as "The Trash Can Model" or "Robbie the Robot." You can't see the records as they are being played but these machines have a style all their own with large lighted red "swoops" curving down each side, and a lighted dome all in a faux wood grain finish cabinet!
Seeburg 146S Symphonola
Just in to our shop we have an AMI Rowe JBM-200. This is a 160 selection machine that can play a mix of 7 inch 45 and 33 1/2 rpm records.
AMI Rowe JBM-200
No Photo Available Seeburg with Tormat memory. Computers were really the wave of the future in the 1960s! This rare Seeburg actually uses hand wired magnetic core memory! Just like an IBM computer back when punch cards and paper tape ruled the computing world.
1936 Mills Swing King in beautiful original condition. Manufactured well before the war, this machine was an incredible find for us. It is a magnificent example of a Jukebox designed before the era of "Light Ups!" No Photo Available

Here are some jukebox restorations we've done for customers that we are proud to be able to share with you:

AMI Model H Seeburg Model V-200 Seeburg M100C

The owner's of these fine machines have enjoyed many years of faithful service. May we do the same for you?

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