1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible

440 Six-Pack, Four speed

V.I.N. JS27V0B100421

Original, Unrestored

Lynn Shackelford's


140K miles and all the options you expect to find on a factory show car!!

Before I left from Calif a very good friend swapped his front valance with mine as mine had "dings" in it-we thought that it might be a hard part to find in NH

The whitish area in front of hood scoop is paint worn down to the primer

This is the original factory paint and it has worn through on the edges.

Needs a new top and the rear window got blown out by hurricane Bob in 91 coming back from a show in New Hope Pa.

Rim-Blow steering wheel and full instrumentation. Note correct black steering column-they did not have red ones yet.

The sheet metal screws are correct for the dual body tags.

Passenger side fender liner shoeing that there is no rust.

Molly the English Springer Spaniel's ball.

Factory 4:10 Dana 60 differential and the super track pack option. Tag is still on the left bolt.

Solidly attached rear spring perch. If this was a New England car or driven on a rust belt state you would be seeing daylight through the hole.

Another view of the passenger side rear spring perch showing the lack of rust perforation on this solid California car.

Space saver spare tire and the CO2 inflation bottle with the often missing cardboard sleeve.

Dodge, California Native bumper sticker and New Hampshire antique plate six pack to go!

The all important Build Sheet with the additional notation for Special Handling.

VIN Number, you can see were Calif came up with JS27VCB100421 instead of JS27V0B100421-for those that want to reasearch the vin...

1970 Dodge Challenger R/T Convertible

440 6-Pack

V.I.N. JS27V0B100421

All Original

Owner: Lynn Shackelford Manchester, NH