Rust Free 1962 Jaguar Mark X for Parts or Restoration

Rare Jaguar Luxury Sedan

This is a complete Jaguar Mark 10 four door sedan. This may be one of the largest cars that Jaguar produced.

What can you do with what I've got here? Well, the engine needs to be rebuilt and you can swap it for a rebuilt one. Plus I have the correct Gold high compression hemi cylinder head for this engine, aluminum intake manifolds with triple constant velocity carbs and the porcelain over cast iron dual exhaust manifolds that will swap onto your 3.8L engine for added power. The automatic transmission has also been out of the car for better than a decade so it will need a thorough cleaning.

Restored you'll have a fast, well handling touring sedan that comfortably carries four adults. The rear seat passengers have fold down picnic tables while the front seat passengers handle driving and navigation with power steering, power-assisted four-wheel disk brakes, an automatic transmission and plenty of room to open and read a map. Jaguar's four wheel independent suspension handles the dual role of complying with anything the road offers yielding a smooth supple ride for the passengers while allowing the driver full control at all times.

$2500 and at this price you're also getting two sets of rims and hub caps. On the car right now are the E-type rims and hub caps. I also have a set of the Mark X rims and hub caps that will come with the car.

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Now for the part that I'd rather not think about: parting this car out. For the $2500 that I want for this car, you're getting two sets of Jaguar rims and hub caps. The Gold head cylinder head that makes any Jaguar 6 a higher compression engine. The special intake manifold with three (3) CV carbs and the built-in starting carb plus the porcelain over cast iron dual exhaust manifolds. There's also a block, crank and maybe all of the little bits and pieces. For the custom hot rodder there's the Jaguar rear suspension, a classic piece if there ever was one. The Jaguar's rear suspension is fully independent with inboard disk brakes and aluminum hubs for the minimum of unspring weight. Each wheel has two coil springs and two shock absorbers. All of this is mounted in a sturdy cradle and attached to the unibody with four (engine style) rubber isolation mounts making this unit easily adaptable to almost any project. For the motorcycle enthusiast this makes a really great rear suspension for a trike. All of the gauges are in good condition and most of the (real) wood trim looks great. To my way of thinking this is a good restorable car and too good to be a parts doner for your restoration but you will be buying it for your own needs.

You can also drop a modern engine and transmission into this solid unibody chassis for even more power and performance.

Here's a link to the Jaguar club of North America web page on the Mark 10 so you can see what this car would look like restored..

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1962 Jaguar Mk X Engine Bay Dimensions

Measuring from the top of the fenders to the top of the front axle, 25 inches.

Measuring from the firewall to the front of the radiator, 41 inches.

The wisth of the transmission tunnel is 17 inches.

The narrowest part of the engine bay is 24 inches.

The measurement at the top of the wheel wells is 49 inches.

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1962 Jaguar 3.8 L Hi-Performance Engine.

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